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Virtual Private Servers in Kenya

If your website requires more power then you should consider a Virtual Private Server (VPS). We offer Optimized and Fully managed Virtual Private Servers – VPS Hosting in Kenya at the best Cheap prices. Huge resources at pocket-friendly prices. Get Full Root access to your server, security is guaranteed and lots of addons as well.

Our Optimized and Fully managed Virtual Private Servers – VPS Hosting in Kenya comes with a lot of addons. You will have the power to select your desired Operating system as well as the Control panel. We give you more computing power to scale your business online. Our Virtual Private Servers provide you with unlimited traffic, powerful CPUs, the highest level of server availability, the latest customizable hardware,  flexibility, and efficiency. You get to choose up to 10 CPU cores, 60 GB of RAM, 1600GB SSD storage plus many more features for your high-performance needs.

Virtual Private Servers -VPS Hosting in Kenya

VPS Package CPU Cores RAM Disk Space Port Bandwidth Price
Starter VPSReliable low cost VPS 4 CPU Cores 8 GB 200 GB SSD or 50GB NVMe 200 mbps port Unlimited bandwidth ksh2,900/month Order
Standard VPSAdvanced VPS hosting 6 CPU Cores 16 GB 400 GB SSD or 100GB NVMe 400 mbps port Unlimited bandwidth ksh5,900/month Order
Executive VPSMore advanced VPS 8 CPU Cores 30 GB 800 GB SSD or 200GB NVMe 600 mbps port Unlimited bandwidth ksh8,900/month Order
Platinum VPSMost Powerful VPS 10 CPU Cores 60 GB 1600 GB SSD or 400 GB NVMe 1000 mbps port Unlimited bandwidth ksh12,000/month Order


The Technology Behind Our Virtual Private Servers – VPS.

Looking at our prices you might be surprised to learn that we use only high-quality components such as Intel and AMD CPUs. No matter we pay more for that type of hardware, it offers greater stability and performance while running virtualization, so it’s a better choice for host systems than cheap alternatives.

Apart from hardware used, the orchestration of virtualization is what makes a difference in VPS performance. Our virtualization is based on KVM and Proxmox, which have a longstanding track record as stable and reliable technologies. On top of that, we have proprietary technology we use to optimize the utilization of each host system. We constantly monitor the load and we cluster together VPS with different usage patterns.


Why you should get your VPS with us

  • No Extra Fees for Bandwidth
  • DDoS Protection Included
  • 1 IPv4 & /64 IPv6 Network Included
  • Full Virtualization on hardware level
  • Incredibly affordable Prices
  • VNC Access Included
  • Full Root Access
  • 1 Dedicated IP included
  • Very stable State-of-Art Hardware
  • First class customer Support
  • Additional Backup Space Available
  • Additional IPs Available
  • Various Operating systems
  • Global reach and Availability
  • Focus on Security and privacy