Notice of Upcoming Domain Price Change.

  • Tuesday, 15th August, 2023
  • 00:00am


Hope this finds you well.

We, as the Hostnali Team, are grateful for having you as our customer and for the great support you have continuously accorded us. There is an upcoming price increase for some of the international domains for the following reasons;

  1. We have been informed that the central registry for international domains, Verisign will be increasing prices for international domains starting on September 1, 2023 from the initial $11.5 to around $13.8 for the .com domain for example. This means that, unfortunately, Hostnali will need to do the same. We are contacting you because you have an account with us at website.
  2. The current exchange rates of the USD against KSH which is our main default currency have made it impossible to maintain the current prices for international domains for which we have had to pay in foreign currency. 

Because of the above reasons, we will on September 1st, 2023 adjust the prices of some of the international domains on our platform. The new prices will affect both new registrations and upcoming renewals. There will be no change in the hosting price as well as free domains included as part of the hosting package.

There is still time to take advantage of the current lower prices by renewing your existing domains for multiple years and/or registering any new international domain names before September 1st. You can disregard this email if you have already renewed your domain(s) recently.

Price changes will be as below; Full list of prices will be on our website on the Domains Page.

Domain New Price Registration  New Price - Renewal Effective Date
.com Ksh 1,950 Ksh 2,199 01/09/2023
.org ksh 1,799 Ksh 1,799 01/09/2023
.net ksh 1,799  ksh 1,799  01/09/2023
.info ksh 1,799  ksh 1,799  01/09/2023



Hostnali Support Team.

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