Virtual Dedicated Servers - VDS

Are you looking for the most powerful hosting option? Then look no further than our dedicated servers. A dedicated server is a single full access server that is used by only you. This allows you to use all of the available server resources and is widely considered to be the best option for large scale businesses. All of our dedicated servers come with free setup.
We offer High speed Virtual Dedicated Servers in Kenya – Dedicated servers in Kenya that are highly optimized with 100% NMVe SSD Virtual Dedicated Servers. This is a step further in performance from the normal Virtual Private servers (VPS). Unlike the VPS, all resources of the server are fully at your disposal. We give you more computing power than ever. Our Dedicated Servers provide you with powerful CPUs, latest customizable hardware, unlimited traffic, and the highest level of server availability, flexibility and efficiency. You get to choose up to 24 CPU cores and 64 GB of RAM plus many more features for your high-performance needs..

Select your perfect VDS Hosting plan

Starter VDS

Reliable low cost VDS
Ksh 15,000
  • 3 Physical CPU Cores
  • 6 logical CPU cores
  • 24 GB RAM
  • 180 GB 100% NMVe SSD
  • 250 mbps port
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Standard VDS

Advanced VDS hosting
Ksh 20,000
  • 4 Physical CPU Cores
  • 8 logical CPU cores
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 240 GB 100% NMVe SSD
  • 500 mbps port
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Executive VDS

More advanced VDS
Ksh 30,000
  • 6 Physical CPU Cores
  • 12 logical CPU cores
  • 48 GB RAM
  • 360 GB 100% NMVe SSD
  • 750 mbps port
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Platinum VDS

Most Powerful VDS
Ksh 40,000
  • 8 Physical CPU Cores
  • 16 logical CPU cores
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 480 GB 100% NMVe SSD
  • 1000 mbps port
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Virtual Dedicated Server – VDS Features



Take full control of your VPS

With SolusVM you can easily manage every aspect of your VPS. Features include power, usage stats, rebooting, settings & statistics.
The best thing about SolusVM is that it can be accessed easily from any computer with an Internet connection.
SolusVM is the most popular VPS management software on the market which is why we offer it with all of our packages.
litespeed apache

LiteSpeed or Apache

Choose the OS of your VPS

All of our VPS come with root access allowing you to choose the OS. Apache is free and popular OS that is the default option with all of our VPS. During checkout you can also select LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed is up to 9 times faster than Apache (standard web server setup). LiteSpeed fully supports everything that Apache uses such as .htaccess and mod_rewrite.
You should choose LiteSpeed if you want to processes PHP 50% faster, wow! – (WordPress which is the most popular software uses PHP) & benefit from 3 times faster than SSL Apache hosting!

What is a Vitual Dedicated Servers - VDS?

Our Virtual Dedicated Servers bring together all the advantages of Dedicated Servers and VPS. Thus, it can be considered as a hybrid between a VPS and a Dedicated Server.

By means of virtualization multiple VDS exist on a host server system the same way as VPS, but each Virtual Dedicated Server has its own dedicated hardware resources, so computing power in the form of CPU Cores and RAM ready to be used only for your own applications without sharing them with other VDS on the same host server system. Because of this, VDS can be fully used for any kind of virtualization projects and support real-time sensitive applications perfectly. Moreover, VDS come with additional VNC access and can be provided as quickly as VPS. Of course, you get full root access to a VDS, too. In addition to that, you can add additional Storage to your VDS and thus it offers more customizable hardware options than our VPS. Because of that, our VDS are often referred to as a slice of a Dedicated Server.

The Technology Behind Our Vitual Dedicated Servers - VDS

Looking at our prices you might be surprised to learn that we use only high-quality components such as Intel and AMD CPUs. No matter we pay more for that type of hardware, it offers greater stability and performance while running virtualization, so it’s a better choice for host systems than cheap alternatives.

Apart from hardware used, the orchestration of virtualization is what makes a difference in VPS performance. Our virtualization is based on KVM and Proxmox, which have a longstanding track record as stable and reliable technologies. On top of that, we have proprietary technology we use to optimize the utilization of each host system. We constantly monitor the load and we cluster together VPS with different usage patterns.

Why you should get your VPS with us..

  • 100% NVMe SSD Storage
  • No Extra Fees for Bandwidth
  • DDoS Protection Included
  • 1 IPv4 & /64 IPv6 Network Included
  • Full Virtualization on hardware level
  • Incredibly affordable Prices
  • Dedicated CPU & RAM
  • VNC Access Included
  • Full Root Access
  • 1 Dedicated IP included
  • Very stable State-of-Art Hardware
  • First class customer Support
  • Hyper-threading Included
  • Additional Backup Space Available
  • Additional IPs Available
  • Various Operating systems
  • Focus on Security and privacy
  • Global reach and Availability