Here is How to Migrate Email Accounts and Existing emails from One cPanel to Another. Same as moving emails from one hosting provider to another. Most of us are familiar with moving websites but we always wonder how to move emails, users as well as their respective passwords from one cpanel account to another. This is necessary is you have lots of emails that you do not want to lose but yet you want to change servers. Mail Server Setup is done at the time of Installing cPanel itself, Only the thing which we have to look is the migration of Mail Accounts, user logins along with all mails (Inbox, sent, deleted etc.)

Migration of all the email accounts can be done in a few minutes only, you just need to copy mail-related data from older cPanel to the new one and with that, all your mail accounts along with respective emails will be migrated. Let’s See how we can do it in 2 Simple steps.

Steps To Migrate Emails From Old Cpanel To New Cpanel

Step 1: Compress and Download mail data.

Login to cPanel and Go to File Manager. Inside that Follow the path as below.

File Manager => mail ==> <your_domain>

migrate email accounts

All the domains added to the cPanel will have a separate folder inside the mail folder. For this article, take an example of “

Now Compress “” folder Inside the mail folder and download it. This folder will have all the email data that you need to import back to the new cPanel, but this will not contain your email Account Users and their passwords. In order to migrate the Username and password of the email account along with all emails, download the folder in step 2 as well.

Step 2: Compress and Download Username and password

These details are stored in the path below.

FileManager => etc => <your_domain>

Move emails from one server to another

Do the same thing as in step 1. compress and download.


Step 3: Upload the Downloaded Email and User Data

Now log in to the New cPanel and Upload these folders exactly at the same path.

For email data,

FileManager => Mail => <Upload here>

For Username and password

FileManager => etc => <Upload here>

So that’s it, you are done with migrating all your existing emails of all email Accounts from old Cpanel to the new cPanel account. If you are our client, get in touch and we will help you move your emails for free. Get web hosting with us and let us take care of the moving for you.

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