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Do you want to limit the bandwidth usage of a cPanel user? Or is it the case that your bandwidth is limited, and you need to increase it? A WHM user can modify the cPanel account's bandwidth, and a Root user can modify the WHM and cPanel user from their WHM account.
To create a cPanel account, you need to create at least one hosting package from WHM. You can easily create a package from the Add a Package option in WHM.
You can unsuspend cPanel accounts from WHM. Follow this tutorial to unsuspend your cPanel user.
If you have а WHM Reseller account, you can suspend а cPanel user from your account.
Do you want to force your cPanel users to change their passwords after login? If so, follow this tutorial.
You have a feature list that you do not need, and you wish to remove it? You can follow this tutorial to do it.
You can enable/disable features of your customers' cPanel account from WHM. Follow this tutorial if you do not want to provide access to PHP Setting, SSL, or anything else.
You can add a Feature List from your WHM Account. Feature lists allow you to provide a customized plan with specific features only.
You can remove the package of your account, or should you have root access. You can also remove the packages of other users from WHM.
You can edit the hosting package of your account, or if you have root access, you can also edit the package of other users from WHM.