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Security (cPanel)

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If you want to remove the Two-Factor Authentication from your cPanel account, follow this instruction.
Security is important for our data safety, and we recommended you enable the Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) on your cPanel account so that hackers will be unable to access your cPanel account even if they have somehow obtained your accounts user and password details.
Is your IP frequently blocked when you access a WordPress admin area or any script with a web browser? Are you left with the feeling that your IP is blocked or that the server is down or it is not working?
For security purposes, we recommend you to prevent access to your .htaccess file from unauthorized access.
For security purposes, we recommend that you disable directory browsing on your website so no one can see the files/folders of your website.
If someone is trying to hack your website or you want to block their IP Address, you can add this line to your .htaccess file.
To secure your admin area from hackers, we recommend that you allow access only from a selected IP address to your admin directory. You need to create a .htaccess file in the directory where you want to restrict access to specific IP addresses.
External website can use < IMG /> tag to display an image from your site somewhere else on the internet, and The result of this is that the other website steals your bandwidth.
You can lock directory with a password by using the cPanel Password Protected Directories option.
You can lock a directory with a password by using the cPanel Password Protected Directories Option.