Blogs play a very important role in Online Business Industry. Remember this is just a normal blog that focuses more on video or audio content as opposed to written content. It is not the same as vlogging or ‘YouTubing.’ To increase the engagement of the user and put your blog to the next level, You may want to embed videos into your blog. As per 2020 video demand is increasing day by day. If you know about Youtube you know the impact of the videos. So if you’re thinking right We need to take advantage of this revolution? You can gain more engagement by introducing entertaining videos inside your blogs. You can also provide short clips of your products, its usage, and a short presentation of the service that you provide.

Don’t confuse online commercials with video blogs, Because these are two different things. Video blogs provide valuable information that adds value in the life of the consumer, Instead of just entertainment. But that doesn’t mean out the boring video inside the blog. Instead, you can add webinars, tutorial videos, etcA Word About Video And Audio Blogs in Kenya - video blogging in Kenya

We are not gonna cover the depth details of how to put videos on your blog, But when you implementing with your blog it becomes easier. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have millions of dollars worth of equipment. You can do it as low-cost even. You just need to focus on high quality engaging video only rest things will go smoothly.

One important thing that you should know the importance of the aspect of the video that is a video taking more bandwidth than text. Be sure you have good reliable hosting that has enough bandwidth for you to embed the videos inside your blog. So be sure you have good hosting to deal with the videos.

You can higher freelancer as well for your product video creation, that might help you to create high quality, highly engaging video, Even you can purchase this service in very low cost in Fiverr, people per hour freelancing websites, etc

You can also refer to your competitive business how they are using and what type of videos they are embedding videos into their websites and you can also refer different business website as well who is using videos inside in their website as you just need an idea and rest work you can do it by yourself.

Don’t embed the video which has no goals or not having any relevance to your business or your product because even people watch the video don’t get to know about services they might be watching the videos due to entertainment only.

Most popular video sites like youtube, Google video, etc have auto-generate code that you can simply cut, and with the help of that code, you can simply paste to your blog post. Most software allows you to embedded code into the HTML.

So from the Conclusion, we can understand that video blogs are very useful to grow our business in the online industry, As video blogs are engaging and get user engagement at a very rapid rate, So more the engagement more details user will get about your product, your services, your industry.

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