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Welcome once again to Hostnali Webhost, a Simple, Secure & Dependable hosting provider. We have optimized hosting plans, Reseller Hosting Plans, Master Reseller plans, VPS servers as well as Dedicated servers. Today, however, we will be focusing on [page_title]. Read on and get the knowledge and skills to make your Web Hosting experience fun.

After purchasing our hosting account, you will receive a welcome email message from us. It will contain our nameservers, and you will need to update your domain nameservers to ours.


If your domain is registered on, you should follow this tutorial to update the Nameservers of your Domain to our Nameservers.

1. Open the website and click on Login. It will redirect you to a login page.

How to update DNS Nameservers at - name com login link

2. Enter the username and password of your account and then click the login button.How to update DNS Nameservers at - login page

3. After a successful login, click on My Domains and you will see all of your active domain names under the Domain tab.

4. Click on the domain name you wish to change.
How to update DNS Nameservers at - your domain click

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and under Nameservers, click on the Manage Nameservers.
How to update DNS Nameservers at - nameserver namecom

6. Navigate to Add Nameserver and enter our nameserver in the text field (for example, Then click the Add button. Repeat this to add our 2nd name server.
How to update DNS Nameservers at - adding nameserver namecom

Note: For your current nameservers, you need to check your Hosting Welcome E-mail. In case you have lost it, contact us, and we will be happy to help you. DNS Record changes can take 12 to 24hours to propagate worldwide.