Here are basic Rules in Website Design and Hosting that a developer must know. Apart from the Rules that every Web Designer must know covered earlier, here are some bonus ones aimed at developers in Kenya.

Use Splash  Pages Only if needed

web design in kenyaAs you know  Splash pages are the first page inside your website where the user arrives. They usually just contain image with words like “welcome” and “Clear here to enter” with having no content. If you have a portfolio based website you can go for the splash but if you don’t have don’t let your visitors press the back button, Give the value content at his first landing page and try to avoid splash page.

Do not fill your website is full of advertisements banner

As you no time is very important for us, Nobody wants to waste his /her time to see the website of full of advertisement and divert his mind, Instead, they just want the real valuable content, So that they gain knowledge of the content.

Easy to use Navigation

Simpler the website will attract more users to spend time on it, It will help to your website by reducing your bounce rate, so don’t make complicated one by using complex child view menus, make it simple and easy to use. When it comes to engagement of the user,  Navigation plays a great role, when your visitor doesn’t find it easy, he will leave your website that results in to increase of bounce rate.

Don’t Misguide your user

As you know “Content is the king” in the world of internet, so don’t misguide or confuse your user to put heading of different content and having content inside irrelevant to that subheading, it will increase your bounce rate and also reduce to retaining the user.

Don’t use audio on your site

As visitors only want to engage with the quality content that provides them real knowledge, so while reading the content if you have audio inside your website, they may find the audio kind of disturbing to them, If you have audio inside your website please make sure you have also give control buttons inside your website so that user can mute or slow as per his/her convenience.

Hosting is very Important

Before going to purchase a web hosting for your website make sure you read its reviews before so that you can have good hosting for your website , don’t get slow a slow WebHost. If your website takes time to load or showing server down more frequently,your visitor no longer wanna wait. So for best hosting, you can consider using Hostnali Webhost which is fully optimized for speed, security, and uptime.

Use Relevant Images

As user like to consume content in more picture format if you have a website you use relevant images user engagement will get increase automatically as picture is engaging and have the clarity better than text,so in order to increase your engagement, you can use more pictures to express your content.

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