Here are five Basic Rules that every Web Designer must know. Whether you are building a personal website, blog, corporate site, or an eCommerce site. We already looked at mistakes done by the website developers in Kenya and here are some bonus points.

Your web site should be easy to read.

What does this actually mean? Text and background colors should be chosen very carefully. backgrounds or colors that are hard to read should be avoided. Dark-colored text on a light-colored background should be preferred than light-colored text on a dark background as it’s easier to read. Text should not be too small or too large. All the letters should not be capitalized as it appears to be shouting at your visitors.Blogging in Kenya

Your web site should be easy to navigate.

All of the hyperlinks should be clear to the visitors. All of the  Graphic images including buttons or tabs should be visible and easy to read. The colors, backgrounds, textures, and special effects on your web site should be chosen very carefully by your web designer. The navigational buttons and tabs should be easy to read and understand than to have “flashy” effects.

Your web site should be easy to find.

Are your visitors finding you online? The companies and organizations which are new to the Internet have a belief that when you create website visitors will come. Reality is they will not come unless you promote your site both online and offline. You also need to do Search engine optimization on your site to get the organic search traffic. Web sites can be promoted on search engines like google and yahoo etc, directories, award sites, electronic magazines (e-zines), and links on other web sites. If you are not familiar with any of this stuff then you can hire an online marketing professional.

It is also important that web site be easy to find, and your contact information should be easy to find too. There should be someone at the backend of the web site who can help them in the event that:

  • Provide answers to questions which are not provided on your web site.
  • Some element does not work on the site is not working and end users need that.

Your website should be fast

Studies conducted have proved that visitors will quickly lose interest in your web site if the website loads fast that is within seconds. The web sites that are marketed to high-end users must need to consider the speed. Big brands like Amazon has announced to increase the speed as they saw that users are likely to lose interest when the website is slow. The quote is very famous that nobody likes to wait. Spees starts with choosing a good host for your site; Hostnali is here to help you in that. It is the Fastest WebHost in Kenya.

Adding animations to your site makes it look “cool” and it does catch your eye, but animation graphics files have a large size. The testing of the speed of the pages must be done. If the speed of your page is relatively short and the addition of animation does not affect your page, only then the animation should be applied on the site.

You can keep the design if it’s important by optimizing your site. You can optimize CSS and JS and images. By optimizing your site you can drastically increase the speed of the site.

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